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SDE vs. Highlight Film: How are they different?

Over the last 2 years we’ve worked tirelessly on creating and improving the Same Day Edit (SDE) experience to share with our couples (and guests), before their wedding celebrations come to a close. Describing this experience with words really doesn’t do it justice, so a while back we posted Saly & Robert’s (S&R) reactions during the showing of their SDE. (See link below)

When we worked with S&R, they struck us as a couple who was so open and outgoing, however as time passed, we noticed that there was a more reserved side that accompanied their relationship. Every couple brings different personalities to the table and it is our responsibility to depict each of these as elements to their story. Bringing them out through a film whether it be a Same Day Edit, a Highlight film, or one of our Feature Films presents it’s own set of challenges.

We’re often asked what the difference is between a SDE and a Highlight Film. Although we are working with the same people and storyboard, I’d have to say that the biggest difference between these films is the approach towards filming/editing them. One of the main challenges we face when producing a SDE is that it becomes increasingly difficult to incorporate the activities happening later on in the day, especially as we approach showtime (midnight). When executed properly, editing is an extremely detailed process and to ensure that the film is finalized to the best of our filming, editing and story telling abilities, SDE’s are typically a little more weighted with moments occurring prior to the evenings events.

Often times speeches play a significant role throughout the story line of our films. This is where we feel our Highlight Films bring on a different element than a SDE. Minus the excitement and instant gratification of experiencing your film at your wedding. Highlight films are unique in their own way as they dig a deeper into a story and encompass more of a narrative element. This gives us more freedom to work with the story and often times allows us to shape it into something very different than the SDE.

Take a look at how S&R’s SDE had a different feel compared to their Highlights Film above. Both share similar elements of S&R’s story but are presented in a totally different way.

SDE Film:

SDE & Reactions:

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